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LIVING IN THE CHALLENGE: Introduction to Mindful Focusing


Online ZOOM Class, Five Thursdays, March 15 through April 12

8:30-10pm Eastern; 6:30-8pm Mountain; 5:30-7pm Pacific

Tuition $125

Classes recorded and available to participants only online.

Inner confusion and self self-doubt, relationship issues, work challenges, action blocks — are all golden opportunities for personal growth. When embraced with compassion and courage, they can give rise to liberating changes in how we understand our selves and the world. The practice of Mindful Focusing generates fresh, often quite unexpected insights to dissolve obstacles and move ahead in our lives with renewed vision and energy.

Mindful Focusing is a contemplative technique blending traditional Buddhist mindfulness-awareness practices with the radically new "Felt-Sense Focusing" method of American philosopher and psychologist Eugene Gendlin. Mindfulness-awareness cultivates mental clarity and emotional balance, while Focusing provides access to the subtle level of bodily wisdom known as the “felt sense.” This five-session telephone seminar gently guides and supports you to access your body’s own deep, non-conceptual knowing.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn to recognize and nurture inner “felt sense” experiences
  • Practice Mindful Focusing with your own life issues – self-doubt, relationship problems, action blocks and creative challenges
  • Gain liberating insights directly from your body to resolve negative habitual patterns and states of mind
  • Discover ways to be more fully alive and authentic by befriending and deepening your inner life
  • Become a better listener - more empathic and less reactive

Each 90-minute class includes instruction, guided exercises, personal sharing and discussion. Between classes you will be paired with another participant to take turns practicing Focusing and Partnering (empathic listening).