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Your Body Knows the Answer



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Your Body Knows the Answer: Using Your Felt Sense To Solve Problems, Effect Change, & Liberate Creativity

by David I. Rome

“Clear, simple and elegant description of a practice that can transform your relationship with yourself and others.”
“Using self-reflection (mindfulness) with self-inquiry (Focusing) is a powerful decision making tool.”
“A beautifully concise and systematic approach to finding our felt sense. It is very refreshing to find an approach that combines both eastern and western wisdom.”
“...Packed with exercises and wisdom, and I’m thrilled to have a book on Focusing that I can recommend to meditators.”

The Bottom of the Sky

A book of haiku by David Rome paired with photographs by Mary Lang

"A marvelous array of windows into the four seasons in photography and haiku...The connections I felt on each page ushered me back into my life."
"This is a wonderful book full of imagination, poetry, and beauty...definitely a gift worth sharing!"

"Your Haiku are delightful, glittering, tickle-inducing, and deep. Each one emerges, like the folding of a piece of origami before my eyes. They inspire me to go deeper in my own writing." 


November Dandelions

A book of haiku by David Rome

66 Haiku written by David Rome, designed by Rebecca Rome with cover paper by Martha Rome.