David Rome
Your Body Knows the Answer

Embodied Listening

Embodied Listening Level II Oct 2019

Embodied Listening Level II Oct 2019


Embodied Listening, Level II, October 18 (PM only) - October 20, 2280 Evans Circle, Louisville, CO  80027

Deepen and widen the three practices: Mindful Focusing, Meditation and Alexander Technique

There are limited spaces in this hands on workshop.

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Hide-and-Seek: I feared

being found—-and more than that,

never being found. — David Rome


• raising the gaze

• transitioning from mindfulness to awareness

• space awareness

Alexander Technique

• body awareness in everyday life activities

• the "neutral state"

• unconditional acceptance

Mindful Focusing

• advanced listening skills

• deepening contact with the felt sense

• working with ego, the inner critic and spiritual bypassing