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Embodied Listening 2019

Embodied Listening Level II

Embodied Listening Level II

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Please join us for a non-residential program starting the evening of October 18 and full days October 19-20 at 2280 Evans Circle, Louisville, CO 80027.

Level II, “Embodied Awareness in Everyday Life,” deepens the three core practices of Level I – Alexander, Focusing and Meditation – and expands them into the ongoing activities of our lives. While formal practice is required to learn these crucial inner skills, they bear fruit fully only when we have them as reliable resources for responding to the challenges we face “off the cushion." In level II we will focus on:

  • raising the gaze in meditation and transitioning from moment-to-moment mindfulness to the more panoramic experience of awareness

  • extending the body awareness and ease cultivated in Alexander work into how we move our bodies and relate with others as we go about our lives

  • accessing our felt-sense whenever we need it to navigate real-life problems and emotions

  • adding empathic inquiry – skillful questioning – to our repertoire of listening skills

  • transforming our inner critic from an enemy into an ally

  • cultivating a unified field of perception in which outer and inner awareness are simultaneously present

  • resting in the whole body as a support for accepting and befriending ourselves

The curriculum will include periods of meditation, constructive rest, focusing partnerships, hands-on guidance, sharing experiences and discussion.