David Rome
Your Body Knows the Answer


how can you make a change

when you don't even know where to start?

Mindful Focusing gives you access to a deep source of knowing by engaging your body’s subtle capacity for “felt sense.”


"David Rome has mastered Focusing, a method for using the body's wisdom to navigate life's major decisions. Your Body Knows the Answer makes this invaluable tool available to us all."  

- Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence and Focus


David I. Rome


With many years as a Focusing trainer and a meditation instructor, as well as active engagement in the non-profit sector, David brings a clear, warm presence to the practice of Mindful Focusing informed by his experience in the inner work of personal and social change. 

David offers one-on-one sessions (in person or distance) as well as workshops and online classes.




For Therapists, Coaches & Counselors

- Steady Presence -

Bringing mindfulness to your Focusing or therapy sessions helps you cultivate a very stable and clear presence for your partners and clients. This gently alert, spacious presence can greatly enhance your ability to provide the atmosphere and steady attention your client needs to sustain and more deeply enter the felt-sensing process.


For Teachers, Leaders & Social Activists

- Connecting for Real -

Whether you are part of a non-profit organization or an individual looking to bring real solutions to the challenges our world faces, Mindful Focusing can give you keys to more effective engagement. 

For Artists & Writers

- Opening the Door to Creativity -

Are you working on a creative project and not sure how to proceed or wondering what your next creative endeavor should be? Or maybe just uncertain about how to balance your creative life with the demands of daily living? Mindful Focusing can bring fresh insights, open the door to creativity, and unstick mental blockages. 

For Meditators & Mindfulness Instructors

- A Missing Link -

The practice of Focusing can provide a bridge from your meditation cushion to daily life and an antidote to "spiritual bypassing", the tendency to fall into using meditation as an anesthetic or avoidance mechanism, rather than a tool for genuine awakening. 

Every meditator should take this program!
— participant, Karme choling

EMBODIED LISTENING - Retreats co-taught with Hope Martin

Combining Meditation practice, Focusing, and Alexander Technique, these workshops offer a powerful set of tools for releasing old patterns to bring deep transformation. 


THE NEXT Embodied Listening retreat is May 25-28 at Shambhala Mountain Center.

This is something I can practice on the job when dealing with people and the stories I have about them and how I want them to be. I can drop the story and just be with them and listen.
— participant, Tricycle on-line course
Thank you for opening a new door to my path, so rich and promising... getting unstuck enough to make a small step in the right direction gives me a huge relief.
— participant, Tricycle on-line course
There is much talk these days of ‘self-empowerment.’ I feel that what you have shown us is true self-empowerment.
— Actana B.
I feel happier than I’ve felt for years and so buoyant.
— Evelyn R.
I learned how to find the patterns that block me.
— Ann M.