Discovering the Direction We Need to Take

Often in life the very things that seem to stand in our way are actually signposts pointing to the direction we need to take to make real progress. In Mindful Focusing coaching and guiding, I support you to discover and strengthen inner resources of awareness, compassion and intuitive insight that will enable you to achieve outward success.

I offer 50 minute individual sessions to introduce you to Focusing practice and to deepen your practice of felt-sensing, work on challenging issues, and overcome inner obstacles. I am not a therapist or a traditional coach; in these sessions you are always in charge. My role is to be a gentle, supportive companion as you venture deep inside yourself.


“I feel happier than I have felt for years and so buoyant.”

Evelyn R.

“Mindful Focusing helps me better handle personal, marital, and parenting challenges.”

Tony L.

“Mindful Focusing has increased my compassion for MYSELF.”

Karen P.

“I can use this on the job.”

Kevin B.

“I learned how to find the patterns that block me.”

Ann M.

Professional growth and personal growth are interdependent.
Mindful Focusing coaching and guiding supports this dual process by working on your own real-world issues through the inward challenges to growth that they embody.