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  • “Mindful Focusing comes at a perfect time, resting at the nexus of mindfulness, neuroscience, and social-emotional learning, showing the way for us to bridge meditation and daily life, the brain and the heart, western philosophy and eastern wisdom. This book is a treasure to savor—and use—again and again.”
    -Judith Simmer-Brown
What is Mindful Focusing

Mindful Focusing is a technique for accessing deeper sources of knowing by engaging your body’s subtle capacity for “felt sense.”

David I. Rome

David I. RomeDavid I. Rome is a teacher, coach and writer specializing in contemplative methods for personal, organizational and social change. A student of Chogyam Trungpa and Eugene Gendlin, David has integrated Buddhist mindfulness-awareness techniques and Gendlin’s felt sense work into the practice of Mindful Focusing.


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Beginning and advanced in-person, telephone and online programs in Mindful Focusing and Embodied Listening.


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One-on-one support to learn Mindful Focusing and apply it to specific challenges in life and work.


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Customized Talks, workshops, meeting facilitation group and leadership retreats tailored to academic, professional and organizational settings.

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  • "I feel happier than I have felt for years and so buoyant."
    -Evelyn R.
  • "Mindful Focusing helps me better handle personal, marital, and parenting challenges."
    -Tony L.
  • "Mindful Focusing has increased my compassion for MYSELF."
    - Karen P.
  • "I can use this on the job."
    -Kevin B.
  • "I learned how to find the patterns that block me."
    -Ann M.