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Five Week Telephone Class

February 4, 2016

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the Body's Wisdom
at Kripalu Center, Stockbridge MA

February 5–7, 2016

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With David Rome and Hope Martin

March 4-6, 2016

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"David Rome has mastered Focusing, a method for using the body's
wisdom to navigate life's major decisions. Your Body Knows the
Answer makes this invaluable tool available to us all."

- Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence and Focus

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One-on-one Skype and phone sessions

with David Rome!

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What is Mindful Focusing?

Mindful Focusing is a technique for accessing deeper sources of knowing by engaging your body’s subtle capacity for “felt sense.”

David I. Rome

David I. RomeDavid I. Rome is a teacher, coach and writer specializing in contemplative methods for personal, organizational and social change. A student of Chogyam Trungpa and Eugene Gendlin, David has integrated Buddhist mindfulness-awareness techniques and Gendlin’s felt sense work into the practice of Mindful Focusing.


Workshops and Classes

Beginning and advanced in-person, telephone and online programs in Mindful Focusing and Embodied Listening.


Coaching and Guiding

One-on-one support to learn Mindful Focusing and apply it to specific challenges in life and work.


Speaking & Consulting for Organizations

Customized Talks, workshops, meeting facilitation group and leadership retreats tailored to academic, professional and organizational settings.

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Upcoming Teachings

4feb1:30 pm- 3:00 pmFocusing and Meditation - Five Week Telephone Class
5feb - 7feb 57:00 pmfeb 7- 4:00 pmMindful Focusing to Access the Body’s Wisdom
4mar - 6mar 47:00 pmmar 6- 4:00 pmEmbodied Listening 

One-on-One Guiding Sessions


“David Rome has mastered focusing, a method for using the body’s wisdom to navigate life’s major decisions. Your Body Knows the Answer makes this invaluable tool available to us all.”

Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence and Focus

“Eminently readable, engaging and wise . . . Rome is just the person you would want as a companion to opening up your inner world.”

Ann Weiser Cornell

“Mindful Focusing comes at a perfect time, resting at the nexus of mindfulness, neuroscience, and social-emotional learning, showing the way for us to bridge meditation and daily life, the brain and the heart, western philosophy and eastern wisdom. This book is a treasure to savor—and use—again and again.”

Judith Simmer-Brown

“I feel happier than I have felt for years and so buoyant.”

Evelyn R.

“Mindful Focusing helps me better handle personal, marital, and parenting challenges.”

Tony L.